What is Folds In Tris (FITS)?

Folds in Tris is a digital clothing store that offers quality assets which can be used by 3D Artists/ Concept Artists/ Game Studios/Film Studios/Commercial Houses to quickly create a cast of characters to populate their digital worlds.

What separates Folds In Tris (FITS) from other digital stores?

Unlike other digital stores that sells an array of static models, Folds In Tris specializes and primarily focuses on quality clothing that can be re-simulated onto whatever digital character models you want. FITS clothing library becomes immensely more useful for production. 

How does Folds In Tris (FITS) into your pipeline?

An average 6"1 base male Model+Rig is provided that can be scaled/rotated/moved to match up joint positions with your in-house poses. Doing this ensures a quick way to get my clothing aligned with your meshes. (see example video)

How is Folds In Tris (FITS) useful for concept artist?

Production calls for fast turnarounds and we've seen a rise of concept artists using photos in their works to speed up the process of creating digital characters, whats hard to find is specific angles that you are looking for.

What payment options do you accept?

All purchases made on Folds in Tris website is done through Gumroad's platform. gumroad is secured way of payment and accepts paypal/discover/visa/mastercard/ amrican express/ diners club 

What's the difference between the Personal/Commercial licence?

Personal Use Licenses: allows the use of the assets for personal projects, drapery study, portfolio work or personal reference. May not be used commercially, for profit or in advertising.

Commercial Use Licenses: allows the integration of assets into any commercial product or promotional material relating to a commercial project or product. If an asset is purchased on behalf of an employer then one purchased commercial license covers the whole company. A separate license must be purchased for each client that uses assets from Folds In Tris.

All rights now and in the future, of and for the assets remain exclusively with Folds In Tris